Paypal Added For Appointments

We just added a BIG piece of functionality for you!  Paypal integration!

Now, you can charge for your appointments, and the payment is processed BEFORE your users get the official confirmation.

That means you can charge for strategy calls, consulting sessions, etc…

Check it out:


Here’s how to set it up…

What You’ll Need:

Firstly, you need a Paypal Business Account, so we can grab the API details and hook it to TimeSlots.

Step 1: Go To My Account In TimeSlots

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to ‘My Account’ in TimeSlots…


Step 2: Locate the Paypal Settings

In the lower right of that screen, find all the Paypal fields…  Now, we’re going to go to Paypal to grab the data we need for the integration.



Step 3: Log Into Paypal

Log into your Paypal Business Account.



Step 4: Go To Your Profile

Hit the Profile Tab, which has all the settings for your account.

Then, hit the ‘Request API Credentials’ link.


Step 5: Access Your API Credentials

Underneath Option 1, click the link that says “Set up Paypal API credentials and permissions.”



Step 6: Set Up Paypal API

Now, under Option 2, click the “View API Signature” link.


Step 7: View API

Here’s where we get the API information for our account…

Click “Show” for your API Username, API Password, Signature and copy all of those entries into a text file or somewhere else you take notes.

Then, hit “Done.”


Step 8: Add That Info Into Your Paypal Account

Now, add that API info to your TimeSlots account!

  1. Enter your Paypal account email address here.
  2. Enter your API username
  3. Enter your API password
  4. Enter your API signature
  5. Click the “Enable my Paypal account to receive payments from users”
  6. Click the button for “Save Paypal Config”
  7. You’re done with the setup!

Now, we have to assign a ‘Payment’ to the TimeSlot we want to charge for…


Step 9: Setting Up The Price Per Call – Step 1

Now, we need to go back the the TimeSlots Dashboard, and click the ‘Integrations’ link on the TimeSlots you want to start charging for…


Step 10: Setting Up The Price Per Call – Step 2

Once in the Integrations screen, Paypal Payment settings will be at the bottom.

  1. Fill in the “Appointment Price” with how much you want to charge for each call.
  2. Check the “Enable payments for this TimeSlot” option.
  3. Click the “Save Payment Settings” button.


You’re all set!

Once you’ve configured Paypal and set up your appointment price, the very last screen that someone will see BEFORE they get their call confirmation is a Paypal payment screen…

That means, they’ve answered your questions, picked their time, and are then asked to pay…

Upon successful payment, they’ll be redirected to the call confirmation screen!

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected]!