New Updates (3/3)

bug_reportWe’re still going strong on the updates, and are busy implementing some of the bigger ones like reminder emails and Paypal integration for your calls!

Here are the new updates rolled out to the server in the last few days…

Bugs Fixed & Updates Posted (3/3)

  • Added a dropdown to see additional rows on availability screen (options per page: 10, 20, 30 and 50).
  • The ‘bulk update feature’ in the availability screen has been added. There’s an ‘Edit’ link under availability grid. You can check multiple slots or check all, and then edit on next page. You can edit date time, duration, status from there.
  • The ‘Create One’ option in the availability screen is fixed (it wouldn’t reload the page after new availability was added).
  • New export feature for entries in both upcoming and past appointments screen so that you can take your data and import to CRM systems (integrations with CRM systems are forthcoming). It exports all entries whether they are upcoming or past on both screens.
  • New export feature in availability screen as well.

What’s Being Worked On:

  • NEXT: 1 day and 3 hour reminder emails sent to prospect automatically
  • NEXT: Paypal integration for ‘pay per call’ or ‘pay per meeting’ functionality
  • Text message reminders for your prospect through SMS
  • Zapier integration to help bridge platforms for your data
  • Mobile compatible application (this will be rolled out in Version 2)
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android (this will be rolled out in Version 2)

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