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5 Essential Website Tweaks For Successful Consultants

Having a fully functional website is an important requirement for a successful consultant. You can speak at conferences, people may see you on social media, but if you don’t have a blog or website for your personal brand, you’re doing it wrong.

Websites are extremely important for consultants in every niche. Don’t kid yourself that you’re a consultant in a boring niche so you can rely only on word of mouth without having a website. That’s 100% wrong. When you create a personal brand website for your consultant business you get the following benefits:

  • People find you easier.
  • You can showcase your skills.
  • You enforce your expertise with testimonials and other resources.
  • People have more ways to contact you.
  • It allows you to transform leads into clients.

Now, if you’re planning to create or update your current website to fully show your expertise and allow people to learn more about you, here are 5 essential website tweaks you’ll want to apply.

1. Focus on your homepage

It’s a high chance that people who visit your website land on your homepage. This means that you have the opportunity to transform them from non-believers into possible clients. Make sure your value proposition is the first thing that visitors see when they visit your homepage.

People will trust you more if they can see your face. The good thing about this is you can add well-placed images on your homepage or other pages of your website. You can use your image in the header of your website (so it’s visible on all pages) and add some kind of widget to the sidebar that links to a multimedia page where people can see you speak at events.

2. Opt for a simple consultant website design

Even if you use complicated software and have an extensive set of methods to help people, this should apply to your website’s design. People who visit your consultant website should see a simple website structure, focused on your image, and with simple ways to find out more about you and your work.

You don’t need big banners and tens of pop-ups to make a sale. Convince your visitors to be clients with the help of your content and expertise.

3. Use content to increase conversions

One of the biggest mistakes that consultants make is to create a website and forget about adding content on a regular basis. They see their consultant website just as a business card and add just a few details. That’s the wrong approach because not taking advantage of what your website has to offer is a rookie mistake.

Your website should focus on these types of content:

Basic content. The core of your website. You can see this as your consultant website structure consisting of the usual pages where people get more information about you, they can see your work and find out how to contact you.

Evergreen content. Your cornerstone content, 2,000+ words blog posts, case studies, etc. that allow people to see you as an expert in your field of work.

Fresh content. Regular blog posts that show people you’re constantly researching and trying to improve yourself. Publishing blog posts using a content calendar is a great way to reel in more visitors to the website and possibly transform them into clients.

4. Everything should be easy to read

Your website content and structure should be client-focused and easy to understand. People who reach your website need to see WHO you are, WHAT you do and HOW to get in touch as soon as possible. If you fail to keep those visitors on your consultant website long enough for them to find the answers they’re looking for, they will

This applies to your 3 content types, website structure, and design. Your focus should be to convince them to sign-up to your email list and build trust or get hired for your services.

5. Simple but effective contact page

If you manage to prove your skill to visitors, they will want to get in touch as soon as possible so you can fix their problems. One of the most important website tweaks for consultant websites is to have a simple but effective contact page. You need to make sure that page has all the information required, it’s easy to get to and easy to understand.

Don’t stop there, though.

For a business owner who has a problem, fixing it is a race against the clock. If he comes to your website, spends the time to figure out if you’re the best fit for his business then tries to contact you and you don’t reply… he’s not hiring you and you can be sure he’s not going to recommend you to others.

The smart website tweak for consultants would be to create an account on TimeSlots and take advantage of its features. You will be able to create a form for your contact page (or another part of your website) where people who want to hire you, see the exact times when you can be contacted, the way that can be done and how much it costs (if you set consultancy prices).

website tweaks consultants

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