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Our little side project called The Productivity List is developing into something that drives us forward. Just a few days ago, my friend Matt who does freelance web design sent me a snap of the previous productivity list article, letting me know he started applying some of the tips I highlighted there.

It’s always nice to see your content being well received by visitors and friends at the same time. It can really give you a boost to go forward with your plans, something what we’re going to talk more about in the sixth webisode of The productivity List. I found some well written content that will add value to your time management and productivity tactics.

We’ll be focusing on improving your workplace, your daily routine and probably boosting your career with the help of some time management tips. If you have other sources of content for us to review and add feedback, please let us know on the TimeSlots Facebook page.

Simple way to add more time to your day?

On her latest article published by Forbes, Laura Vanderkam points out simple ways to add 2 hours more to your day. While I think the amount of time you get by applying these time management tips is irrelevant, there’s a way to use her advice and do more each day.

I don’t know if you will get exactly 2 hours by planning your days, managing distractions and not doing what others can do for you but you will definitely get more time for yourself or for your projects. I identify myself with someone who would apply Laura’s advice since I already did something similar. Remember the past article called “You’re probably not as busy as you think you are“? Well, I applied some of these tips there, before Laura wrote her article.

It did wonders for me so go ahead and read her article.

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The Jedi Master of Productivity?

Is there such thing as a Productivity Jedi? How would that even work? Would you be able to bend time and space so you get more work done? I don’t really know but it seems that Michael Hainey finds Pulitzer Prize-winning Charles Duhigg to be a Jedi Master of Productivity in latest GQ.com article.

He’s reviewing Duhigg’s latest book called Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business. I didn’t have the chance to read it yet but this article will surely help me make a decision. From what I see, Charles talks about creativity as problem solving, finding ways to motivate yourself, embracing the tension and having someone alongside to help you cope with life’s obstacles.

If it’s something I really like about the article is the notion of smart and stretch goals for whatever you do. This makes a correlation between your achievable goals and not biting more than you can chew. Michael’s interviewing skills made me interested in the book. I will look it up.

Boosting productivity through small office changes.

Being a small business, we don’t focus too much on time management tips for bigger offices but when I come across an article like this one, I read it top to bottom because I know I’ll find something I can apply to my small office.

Justine Hofherr starts her article by pointing out the work environment has to be a bit more warmer to increase productivity and not colder as it was thought. Seeing how I have a small business office I can’t really apply this but I agree with what she suggests next.

Turn down the lights. I remember going in some office where to lights were so bright it was so disorientating. I work a lot and I have my eyes at my PC screens at all times, I don’t need other bright sources of light to increase the level of eye strain. Dimming the lights should be a good advice to be productive. She also talks about having a non-allergenic plant, some personal mementos and a standing desk. While I do agree you should try to make your work environment as friendly as possible, I don’t really see the importance of standing desks. I just prefer to adjust my schedule so I can get some working out during the day.

Time Management Tips to Boost Your Career

The time management tips Lisa Quast recommends in her Forbes article are somewhat relatable to what I wrote a few weeks ago in the “You’re probably not as busy as you think you are.” Lisa also talks about the importance of analyzing your time and planning ahead.

Next our thoughts seem to differ. While I keep talking about personal improvement like stopping lying to yourself, Lisa promotes other valuable time management tips such as prioritizing activities, blocking time on your calendar and my favorite – carve out email time.

You should have well set time frames for communicating and stop making yourself available to anyone who wants to get in contact with you. I mean, that’s why I use Time Slots.

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