How to Save Time and Start a Side Business

Almost all people have hobbies. Many of these people would like to not have a boss and start their own business.

Only a few of these people have the courage to transform their hobby into a fully functional business and then quit their full time job.

I get it. You want to be your own boss and be responsible for your business, but how do you manage to do this? Do you quit your job and start from scratch? Do you go for your boss’ job?

How do you do it?

Well. It’s simple on paper and much harder in reality. Is it doable? For sure. Let’s find out how to save time and start a side business while keeping your current full-time job.

Be smart about it.

You want to start a business. You want to do it NOW.

Hold on, take a breather and plan stuff out. Like I said in a previous article, you’re not too busy to plan stuff out so take some time, a piece of paper and a pen and sketch out a rudimentary plan for your business. After doing this, most people find out they need time and money but how to get them?

Be smart about it. Don’t quit your full-time job. You will have less time to pursue your business idea but you will have something more valuable – a safety net. By doing this you’ll still have a medical insurance, a steady income and a feeling of stability. All these things may disappear in a second if you decide to quit your job and start a business from scratch.

Stay 100% focused and start a side business.

You don’t need 100 employees and an office when you start building your brand. Save time from your daily schedule and start a side business. Basically, a side business is something you build while keeping your full time job.

Maybe you don’t know what your business should be but you have hobbies. It’s so simple to start a blog and write about your hobbies. It doesn’t really matter what it is, try to add your own touch to everything you put online and sooner or later, you’ll get noticed.

Here are some other side businesses you might want to give a try: public speaking, tutoring, personal assistant, freelance writing, catering, dog walking, pet sitting, landscaping and yard-work.

It’s all up to you. Decide what side business you want to start and do it. Just don’t mix them up. Your full-time job is the main source of income so don’t take time from it to add to your side business. Only do this when your time allows it.

You should never mix your full-time job with your side business.

save time for side business

How to save time for your side business?

If you read our blog until now, you know we provide you with tips and tricks for time management, productivity and self development. Most of them can be applied to your need to start a side business but here are the best tips for you on saving time and starting your own brand.

Do the research.

You think there is something you can do better? Want to revolutionize¬†a niche? First of all, do your research and see if your idea hasn’t already been transformed into a business. Don’t despair if this is the case. You can always add your personal touch and do things different.

Do some reading and see how others managed to turn their hobbies or business idea into a scalable brand. Learn from others’ success.

Make a plan and commit the time.

Like I said earlier, you have time to plan stuff out. Analyze your current work & free hours and see how much time will you have for your side business. After doing this, try to sketch up some stages for your idea and the steps you have to take to reach them.

Organize your side business time to complete your tasks and don’t make steps in the wrong direction. You can start by doing small tasks and then try to perform harder ones.

Don’t miss opportunities.

When you’re at the full-time job, you don’t really have free time to develop your side business, or do you? If can save time for your side business by using Social Media and communication channels. Do this if you’re using a bus for your comute, on your lunch break, when you go back home. (Don’t use your smartphone when you’re driving!)

You can use this time to reply to customers, do some reading, interact with relevant people in your niche, organize your social media content, etc. You only need a smartphone or a laptop.

When starting a side business you need to have some spare time, a clear idea of what you want to do and some money to start everything. We can save you more time for your side business. How? By organizing how you communicate to possible clients and staff.

When you create and set up a Time Slots account, you can customize your available time for communication. Want people to only call you during specific hours? Want to charge them a fee for your services? This can be done with Time Slots. Just click on the image below to find out more.

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