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5 Phone Sales Skills Every Successful Telemarketer Should Have

Just being comfortable talking to people on the phone is not going to help you become a successful telemarketer, at least not in 2016. Things have changed over the past years and if you want to increase your sales numbers, you’ll need to use today’s tools to improve your telemarketing skill set.

Telemarketing plays an important role in B2B sales but its efficiency can also be seen when looking at selling to regular consumers.

Depending on their skills, successful telemarketers achieve solid sales numbers every year so if you’re just starting work in this field or you’re aspiring to become one of the best telemarketers, you need to work on your phone sales skills.

The truth is that no training can teach you every aspect of selling products by phone and having a high conversion rate so the best option for rising telemarketers is to learn from the best in the field and discover their phone sales skills.

5 Phone sales skills you can learn from successful telemarketers

When is the best time to call people? Do successful telemarketers use headsets or hand held phones? Is there a tonality you need to apply to your voice? Find the answers to these questions by learning the following phone sale skills.

1. Build your own pre-call checklist.

Successful telemarketers know they have to get some things out of the way before they’re attempting to make any phone sales. Every client is different so you need to do your research and apply different tactics.

From your own point of view, try to figure out what you want to achieve, what questions are planning to ask, have an answer cheat sheet next to you and do some practice before you make the actual call. Some successful telemarketers do deep research and even have pictures of the prospective clients in front of them while they try to pitch the sale.

2. Work on your mood before and while you’re making the phone sales.

Getting excited should be a part of your pre-call checklist. Furthermore, during the phone sale you should always focus to be enthusiastic, passionate (but not exaggerate), comfortable and have a sense of humor (if you think you’ll need it).

3. Know the perfect time when to make the phone call.

Successful telemarketers know when to make the phone call by doing research and having the right tools to figure it out. For example, using the Time Slots app, you can get a lot of information about prospective clients and incoming calls. When you set up time frames to be contacted, you’ll be able to find out who calls you at specific hours and use that to your advantage.

phone sales skills

4. Boost your subconscious skills and talents.

Having a successful phone sale is not just about the research and what you offer to the prospective client. You probably don’t realize this but the way you act and move during a phone call can actually increase your chance of selling.

Here are some things you could focus to improve the subconscious phone sale skills:

  • Always keep smiling and encourage the other person to smile – it makes it harder to say no.
  • Don’t be afraid to move around the room – your body energy will also stimulate your mind and transfer those positive thoughts to your speech.
  • Use hand gestures – these lead to facial expressions and change your voice.
  • Have a right pose when talking to the client – sitting up straight allows your lungs to properly fill and not affect your tone of voice or volume.

5. Adapt the sales script to your personality

When people hear you reading from a piece of paper, they are less likely to buy anything from you. Try to be original and if you’re handed a script, try to adapt it to the person who you’re calling and to your own personality. Successful telemarketers have a script during phone sales but don’t necessarily use it. You can keep it as a backup.

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