How To Drive More Web Traffic To Your Personal Brand Blog

Being an expert in your field has changed a lot in the past 5 – 10 years. If then it would be enough just to have the work experience and being published in magazines whenever you achieved success, in 2016 things are way more different.

First of all, the number of fields you can acquire knowledge and develop your personal brand has grown exponentially. Nobody really thought of themselves as experts in affiliate marketing 10 years ago, but today you can promote yourself as an affiliate marketing guru or specialist. Second, just having the knowledge isn’t enough, you’ll have to:

  • Create your online brand.
  • Use your website or blog to add fresh content.
  • Go on social networks to promote yourself.
  • Use any tactics to promote yourself as an expert in your field.

Let’s say you’ve created your personal brand blog and you add content using some sort of blog calendar. The next step would be to market yourself so more and more people reach your content and enforce the idea of you being an expert in your line of work. Validation is extremely important when building an online profile but so is having a solid blog or website with relevant traffic.

Just like any other business, your personal brand blog needs traffic to validate you as an expert in your field. If you built a website for your brand but your web traffic is low, you need to reach more people and bring them back to your website so you can promote your services or sell them products.

How to get more web traffic to your personal brand blog

Increasing your visibility and demonstrating your thought leadership while remaining engaged with your community are all connected and represent the main goals of driving traffic to your personal brand blog or website. There are several proven ways you can achieve this but don’t believe it will be something easy.

If it’s something we learned while working with personal brands is that you’ll have to put in at least as much work for promoting yourself as you do creating content. The number of people who come to your website and validate your expertise is proportional to your online success. Here’s how to get more web traffic on your personal brand blog.

Create social profiles connected to communities

Just having a Facebook page and a Twitter account doesn’t cut it in 2016. You need to identify yourself with a community and use this to drive more traffic to your personal brand blog. You can start by creating official pages for yourself on Facebook and use your personal account to interact with relevant communities using Facebook groups.

Twitter has a similar mechanism – you create the official account and use it to interact with interested people by using hashtags and lists. Adding website links to your profile on these social networks will help people to reach your website and improve your blog traffic but you can do even more by adding your blog post links in specialized Facebook groups or sharing them with people on Twitter.

personal brand interact with communities

Do you interact with people from relevant communities?

Use other websites to validate your expertise and drive more web traffic to your blog

Offering value is a great way to validate yourself as an expert and drive web traffic to your personal brand blog. You can do this by going to other platforms such as LinkedIn articles, Quora or forums to share your expert opinion and insight. If they like what they read, people will check you out by going to your website. Depending on your niche you can go even further and target specialized websites to validate yourself as an expert and drive relevant traffic to your blog.

Optimize your website content

There are several aspects you need to take into consideration if your goal is to optimize your website content. To get more web traffic on your personal blog, you’ll need to optimize your content for the following

Search Engines – SEO should be a vital part of your personal marketing strategy. Optimize your content so you’ll rank for relevant keywords to your niche. Use pages and blog posts to enforce your brand’s connection to your niche.

Social Media Marketing – Making sure you rank for the right keywords isn’t enough. You need to enable and encourage people to share your content on social networks. This will give you a traffic boost that can be maintained with fresh and evergreen content.

Usability and availability – Choose the right design for your personal brand blog and make it available to all devices (desktop and mobile). Find out if Google AMP and Facebook Instant articles would benefit your strategy and streamline your content if you feel like it.

Since your goal is for people to use your website and contact you for your services, make sure your contact page has all the details. You can create an account on TimeSlots to strengthen the way you interact with people through your contact page.

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