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3 Solid Methods To Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Website

There are several reasons why a website’s conversion rate can decrease over the time. Maybe you haven’t updated to the latest trends in marketing or you just didn’t have time to take care of that specific project. Or… maybe your conversion rate hasn’t decreased but it’s stagnating. Or… you notice small improvements but you want more…

Whatever the reason may be, you can increase the conversion rate for your website by working on specific things both on back end and front end. I am sure there are several case studies about this with positive results but I’m going to talk from my own experience, telling you how to increase the conversion rate for your project by using 3 solid methods.

They’re not something you never heard of but at often times, the most basic techniques get benched simply because there is “something new”. Why gamble with your project’s success? Here are 3 working methods you can use to increase the conversion rate for your blog, online store, etc.

Start by doing your research

A good way to increase the conversion rate for your website is to do some research. For example, if you notice a decrease for your conversion rate on an online store, it would be recommended to start asking your customers what happened. Maybe they’re not finding the products appealing like they used to or maybe there is some new factor you can’t see just by looking on your website’s back end.

You might just be surprised by the answer you’re going to receive. You may need to be more active on social media just because your competitors are already doing it and a large portion of your clients start favoring them.

The truth is that there are a lot of reasons why your conversion rate is decreasing but most of the time you have to start with researching the problem. You can do your research through the help of online surveys or even take it a step further and start calling your customers.

This 1 on 1 tactic doesn’t seem like much but you’ll get some of the most honest responses by doing it.

Work on your website’s design and UX

If the research is not an option for you (although you can do both of these tactics), you can start comparing your website with your competitor’s. Are they having bigger conversion rates? Maybe it’s all related to the design and UX of your website.

When visitors interact with your business through an online presence such as your website, they may convert into returning customers or just going somewhere else. A great way to check if this is the case is to look in your Google Analytics profile and see how high is your bounce rate.

Here are several things you can do regarding your website’s design and user experience.

Clean your design. Having a clean template on your online shop can go a long way with your customers. Just think of your website as a person you meet for the first time. The impulse is to make a decision on the spot – this first impression users have when coming to your website can increase or decrease your conversion rate.

Use the right contrast. You can do a lot of things by applying a certain color scheme to your website template. Using the right contrast can be a good way to direct customers to use the buy button more or to redirect them to other parts of the website.

Improve the UX for visitors. There are several ways you can do this:

  • decrease the loading time for the website;
  • use great content (from blogs) to redirect visitors to product pages;
  • ensure that your design is responsive to accommodate visitors on mobile devices;


Invest in SEO for your website

SEO has a strong connection to your conversion rate since having a search engine optimized website can translate into more traffic thus greater chances to convert. A good SEO applied to your website will deliver the following type of traffic:

  • Just visiting – people who reach your website one way or the other and have a lower chance of converting.
  • Thinking about it – visitors who may want to buy from you but need more convincing.
  • Going to buy it – people who come to your website with the sole thought of buying something.

By analyzing your content and statistics, you can decide what areas of your website need a SEO jolt to crank up more conversions. You may want to improve on-site SEO for converting pages or invest on off-site SEO through guest posts, advertorials and natural links.

BONUS: Tip for Freelancers who want to increase the conversion rate on their website.

You may not be a business owner seeking to have a high conversion rate. Freelancers can also look up doing this to get more clients. There are simple ways to do this and one of them it’s related to your contact page.

Having an advanced “Contact me” page can increase your conversion rate. My tip would be to make people believe in your high professionalism. Create an account on Time Slots and set up time frames when you can be contacted. Don’t forget about choosing an “urgent time slot” where people have to pay a fee to get in contact with you.

conversion rate

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