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What Music To Listen For a Boost in Productivity? (TPL 07)

Today is the March equinox, the day that symbolizes the first day of Spring. Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, I decided to take some time and add some really interesting articles for our productivity list. For those who don’t know, The Productivity List is the place we’re recommending only the best time…

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Time Management Tips Boost Your Career? – The Productivity List (06)

Our little side project called The Productivity List is developing into something that drives us forward. Just a few days ago, my friend Matt who does freelance web design sent me a snap of the previous productivity list article, letting me know he started applying some of the tips I highlighted there. It’s always nice…

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How to Save Time and Start a Side Business

Almost all people have hobbies. Many of these people would like to not have a boss and start their own business. Only a few of these people have the courage to transform their hobby into a fully functional business and then quit their full time job. I get it. You want to be your own…

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too busy

Too Busy to Plan Stuff Out? Think Again

A few days ago I felt a need to get back in touch with some of my hard-working friends. Most of them love the corporate life and I’m not the one to judge… But the weirdest thing happened… I picked up the phone and called 3 of my friends. I did this on a Tuesday…

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You’re Probably Not as Busy as You Think You Are

Even if I’m having a chaotic work day, I still find some time to go out for a walk so I can clear my head and put my thoughts in order. These moments are precious to me since I get a chance to reflect and do some easy cardio. At the same time I tend to…

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Why Is Family Time So Important For Entrepreneurs?

You need courage to start up a business from scratch but if you find a way to do it with passion, your work will be much easier. Entrepreneurs keep talking about hard work, passion for their product and a great team, but what are they missing? Maybe there’s something out there they didn’t think it…

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Want to Learn How to Stay Focused at Work?

You spend 8 hours each day at the office but how much time are you actually working? We tend to underestimate the impact distractions have on us and we fail to see how much time we’re actually wasting. You might think you can stay focused at work, but… There are so many distractions we fail…

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3 Proven Ways To Stop Multitasking And Take Back Your Time

We all like to start fresh and that’s why we make New Year’s Resolutions, in the hope that we’ll be motivated to do them. It doesn’t always work, mainly because our goals aren’t really doable and we end up biting more than we can chew. Another reason why some of our resolutions fail to come…

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work during the holidays

How To Work During The Holidays And Have A Good Time

Some people pride themselves with being workaholics but even them don’t want to work during the holidays. Only few people manage to keep on working and still have a good time with the family and friends. If you want to learn how to work during the holidays and not feel blue all the time, read…

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8 Time Management And Productivity Blogs You Should Read

You might have your own time management routine and you know some tips to improve productivity but if there’s something we learned until now is that there will always be more things and tips you didn’t think about until you read them. We’re learning new stuff every day from people who are dedicated to increasing…

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