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What Music To Listen For a Boost in Productivity? (TPL 07)

Today is the March equinox, the day that symbolizes the first day of Spring. Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer, I decided to take some time and add some really interesting articles for our productivity list. For those who don’t know, The Productivity List is the place we’re recommending only the best time…

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Time Management Tips Boost Your Career? – The Productivity List (06)

Our little side project called The Productivity List is developing into something that drives us forward. Just a few days ago, my friend Matt who does freelance web design sent me a snap of the previous productivity list article, letting me know he started applying some of the tips I highlighted there. It’s always nice…

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time management

Time Management vs. Task Management – The Productivity List (05)

I’m happy to see my previous article – Too Busy to Plan Stuff Out? Think Again has been well received by our readers. Like I said in other blog posts from The Productivity List, when we’re not working in improving Time Slots for our clients, on other products or adding valuable content, we tend to…

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time wasted facebook

The Outrageous Cost of Wasting Time on Facebook – The Productivity List (04)

The Time Slots App is all about giving the time you usually waste back to you by making yourself unavailable (to some degree) for communication and offering you the possibility to actively choose who can get in contact with you. That’s why we started The Productivity List, a weekly collection of articles on time management and…

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feeling down productivity list

Are You Feeling Down? – The Productivity List (03)

This week’s Productivity List has some really interesting articles we read from top to bottom in our never-ending search for time management & productivity tips. If you believe we should shift our attention to other blog posts, please let us know on the Time Slots Facebook page, every time we post the weekly productivity list.…

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Slaying The Time Vampires – The Productivity List (02)

The time is here for our second “issue” of the Productivity List – the place where we share the most interesting and valuable articles on topics such as time management, productivity and personal development. We have some great content today for those who want to better manage their time and learn how to improve themselves. Smart…

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The Productivity List (01) – Ultra-Productive Entrepreneurs?

At Time Slots, we’re striving to give you the best options for our web app. There are many ways we can do this such as asking for feedback, having a transparent process to receive any improvement proposals from you, reading targeted and relevant content and others. We can’t share everything that’s happening behind the scenes but…

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