8 Time Management And Productivity Blogs You Should Read

You might have your own time management routine and you know some tips to improve productivity but if there’s something we learned until now is that there will always be more things and tips you didn’t think about until you read them. We’re learning new stuff every day from people who are dedicated to increasing productivity and offering better time management tips to us all. That’s why we wanted to share with you 8 time management and productivity blogs we read and learn from.

Of course there are more blogs we read to improve ourselves but we can’t add them to one list. So, keep tuned for other articles with blog recommendations from us!

Productivity Blogs You Should Read


We really like Mike Vardy and the work he does at Productivityist and while we loved his work at the Lifehack blog, we are impressed with what he’s achieved on his current writing platform. He is truly a productivity enthusiast and develops new tools and habits for us to apply daily. If you have the time, listen and learn from his podcast and try his coaching services.

One of his latest articles we enjoyed was the piece on “Going off the grid” where he explains how important it is to separate yourself from information channels we dive into daily.

Pajama Productivity

Although we didn’t see Annie post something new in a while, we still love her blog thanks to the collection of useful posts she added over the years. If you’re looking for productivity tips spiced up with fun times, Annie’s blog is the place to check out. If you have the time, check out some of her older posts.

Since the Winter holidays are just around the corner, you could read how to defeat the dangerous vacation monster.

Change your Thoughts

Steven Aitchinson writes more than productivity articles. He tackles other important life aspects such as personal development, health, finances, relationships and Social Media. He’s well known for his social media engagement work and is regarded as an expert in the field. We like the fact that he’s not only talking about work stuff but also about life’s aspects.

For example, if you have 5 minutes, try reading his article on toxic habits that are destroying your happiness.

Life Hacker

If you want to learn new things while reading productivity tips, this is the place to go. You can read on various topics regarding work, happiness, family or personal development. We like to read life hacker in the morning while drinking our coffee since the blog features a lot of useful news related to productivity and time management.

Want to read something interesting related to your job? Read their article that lists 10 skills you need at work but have nothing to do with your job.

Whole Life Productivity

LJ Earnest is the person behind this productivity blog and she’s been writing on the subject for over 10 years. She started her journey with her fascination for PDA apps and ended up teaching us how to find better ways to do stuff, craft our own productivity systems and balancing work and life.

If you think there’s something off in your life, you’ll want to read her article about 5 signs you are out of balance.

Time Management Blogs you will like for sure

Marc and Angel Hack Life

Switching to time management tips and tricks we have to give a shout out to Marc and Angel and thank them for helping us think better, feel better, and live better. They write 3 posts per week so you will always find great content there you can easily read and apply to your life.

They write about time management but have also great tips like these 10 ways to free your mind when you’re feeling stuck.

Time Management Ninja

If you didn’t know Craig Jarrow until now, you’ve missed a lot. Craig provides tips, techniques, and tools to help people get things done faster and with minimal effort. He is a time wizard who writes compelling articles. Maybe that’s why he has over 45,000 subscribers on his time management blog.

There are a lot of articles we enjoyed reading on Craig’s blog but if we were to pick on of his latest articles it would be the one on managing our time like we manage our money.


The editors from Lifehack write about time management and related subjects. You’ll find great content each day so it would be a shame if you didn’t add their blog to your reader. They often talk about fighting procrastination and giving out free tools for those who want to do just that. You’ll also find content about productivity, goals achievement and more.

Like the blog name says, you’ll find a lot of useful ways to be a better individual such as: 10 life changing hacks you can try right now.

What are your favorite blogs about time management and productivity? We also write on these topics from time to time so keep an eye open on us if you will.

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