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6 Skills You Need To Have As a Top Consultant

Your chair is squeaking. The office manager told you three times he will change it but he hasn’t. You get up and walk to the kitchen, you’re not hungry but that’s the only room in the office with a great view.

You want to take a moment to think but Matt from accounting comes and asks you for some files. He leaves. You get back to your desk and start working. Some coworker drops some files on your desk without saying anything and moves on.

You sigh and look the the motivational poster you have as your PC desktop. You start dreaming about leaving your job and becoming a top consultant.

Is this your story?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a top consultant for a well-known firm or even having your own consultancy business? I don’t know if you’re the right person for this career but I’m going to tell you 6 skills you need to have as a top consultant.

Browse the following list of skills and try to identify what you have and what you need to work on.

1. Connecting the dots.

Being a top consultant means that you can easily identify the problem and provide the solution. Identifying the problem is main a skill developed by connecting the dots, going from one issue to another and finding out what’s wrong or what could be better.

Most of this is acquired at the same time with the work experience but already having the skill to connect the dots will allow you to be a top consultant faster.

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2. Synthesizing and pushing away the garbage talk.

Garbage talk may be an inadequate term for buzz talk but you get the idea, right? As a top consultant in your field, you should be able to differentiate between the real information and buzz words you find in reports or when you first consult some case.

Almost every time, you will need to browse through a lot of information to get to the bottom of a problem. Knowing what to look for and easily synthesizing the information you get should be a priority in your consultant career. It should also be a skill you need to work on from early on.

3. Time bending.

No, we’re not talking about mystical heroes who can bend time and space but you will need to change your time perception if you want to succeed as a top consultant.

If you want to have a chance in this field, you should try (and manage) to have a really flexible schedule and learn how to pick the better options. There are several methods to do this such as making yourself available only to your top clients and delegate work you don’t really need to do yourself.

For example, you can create an account on TimeSlots and choose when and who is able to get in contact with you. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be able to choose time frames when you’re available so you can have the rest of your time to work.

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4. People Skills.

Even if you’re the best analyst in the business community, you’ll also need to be a people person. Try to work on this from the early stage of your consultant career. Research and apply what you find to day-by-day situations.

Having people skills is not something everyone has but you can attain a satisfactory level for a top consultant.

5. Taking in new information (learning).

As a new consultant you’ll probably do this on a regular basis but as they gather work experience, most consultants tend to forget to apply this. Researching and applying new tactics should be a priority for every top business consultant.

If you’re not going to pay attention to the latest trends and tactics, after a few years you’ll be that guy who does things using default methods and you will start to lose clients in favor of those consultants who capture their attentions using new tactics.

6. Learning to say NO.

If we’re still at the “learning chapter”, you should make it a priority to understand what projects you can take and what you can leave for others. This is a matter of self-assessing your qualities, analyzing your time schedule and drawing the line when you have too much to deal with.

Learn to prioritize cases and clients. Learn to delegate work to others. If you bite more than you can chew, you’ll start to slowly drift away from your clients and team.

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