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3 Client Questions that Help You Set Up Freelance Services Pricing

If you want to start your freelancing career, you’ll have two options: choosing a freelance platform or starting on your own. Depending on what’s your field of work and experience, you will be inclined to choose one or the other.

Freelance platforms such as or have several benefits but come with some hidden costs. For example, you will be able to access huge databases of job postings, you’ll be protected from scammers and you’ll have a clear image of how much you work and how much you’re getting paid. While this seems like a good plan, the fees and delay until you get your money may convince some freelancers that it’s better to start on their own.

When you’re starting your freelance career on your own, without any freelance website to help, you’ll have to create your own website and set up freelance services pricing on your own. That’s why we’d recommend you to sign up for those freelance websites and test things out, build a list of clients then start your own business.

How to set up your freelance services pricing?

This is always the biggest problem for freelancers. Setting up freelance services pricing is a problematic aspect of their new found career and they tend to make mistakes. For example, they choose to set up pricing by looking at others and end up underpricing their work.

The truth is that there isn’t any magic formula to help you come up with project fees. It’s all up to you and your client. Is it someone you’ve worked for before? Do you like the project you’ll be working on? These are some questions you’ll have to ask yourself but if you don’t want to get underpaid for your work, you’ll need to ask your client some questions to properly set up freelance services pricing.

Please note that these questions for your clients are in random order and some may not apply to your line of work. If you’re a freelancer who’s looking to get clients, we recommend you to read our blog post on How to get your first clients as a new Freelancer.

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What questions should you ask your clients to set up pricing?

1. What are your expectations for this project?

You need to know what the client expects to see at the end of your project. This will help you find out what’s your role within his project and how important you’ll be overall. Knowing what’s your role will allow you to better set up your freelance services pricing.

Usually, clients don’t really care about how many hours you spend designing a website or how many lines of code you write. They just want to make an avalanche of sales with the help of your work.

2. Will there be any ongoing work after the project?

Depending on your field of work, after you complete a project, the client may ask you to do some ongoing work. Depending on their answer, you can adapt and adjust your pricing so the fees will fit within their vision of the project. Knowing there’s ongoing work after you complete the original project allows you to lower project fees to get more future work.

3. Do you have a budget for this project and is it over X?

Having a bottom margin for accepting new projects is always a good idea. This way you’ll weed out people with small budgets and you’ll find out what’s the client’s budget. Knowing this will allow you to customize your freelance services pricing.

You don’t have to bill every client the same. If someone has a $1,000 budget and you ask for $500 then you’re giving them signals that your work isn’t high quality.

How to use these 3 client questions to set up your freelance services pricing?

Communication is key when you’re setting up your freelance services pricing. Depending on how you get in touch with your client, you’ll be talking on Skype, email or by phone. The above 3 client questions should be asked as soon as possible. If your client takes some time to answer you, don’t be afraid to follow up and ask him again if he doesn’t answer in due time.

One of the easiest ways to use this information is to add these 3 client questions on your website contact page.

You’ll just have to create an account on TimeSlots and build a custom form for new clients. You can add the 3 client questions as a required part of your contact page and even set up a “contact fee” to weed out small budget clients.

TimeSlots allows you to communicate on your terms by setting up time frames when you can be contacted. When a client uses your contact page they will see exactly when they will be able to speak to you.

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